Section 151.20.001 Purpose
The purpose of the Architecture and Design Review Article is to promote reasonable and context-sensitive site and building design standards for certain types of development including commercial, industrial and certain multi-family development. Design is a term that is used to describe the image and character of the city’s built environment and includes both site and building architectural considerations. More specifically, the Architectural and Design Review Standards are intended to ensure the following: 
1.   Siting and architectural design of structures harmonize visually with surrounding development and creates a built environment that is safe and aesthetically pleasing;
2.   The arrangement of buildings, parking areas, drive aisles, storm water detention areas, pedestrian ways and other features of the site combine to create a functional project that is convenient for users of the property.
3.   Unsightly uses, features or activities are screened from public view and from adjacent property, and dissimilar uses are separated by buffers to prevent conflicts, promote privacy, and maintain property values;
4.   Landscaping that provides a visually pleasing setting for structures on the site, complements the architecture of the project, blends harmoniously with the natural landscape, conserves water, does not conflict with public or private utilities, and is suited to the site and Sierra Vista's climatic conditions.
5.   Provide materials and colors that are appropriate to the architectural style of the structures, complement neighboring properties and project a high quality image.
(Ord. 2009-003, passed 6-26-09; Am. Ord. 2019-002, passed 4-11-19)