Section 151.06.004 Home Based Businesses
This Section establishes rules and regulations for home-based businesses operating within the City limits. These rules and regulations ensure that the general character of the residential neighborhood is maintained.
A.   General Provisions
   1.   A home-based business permit shall be obtained by the home-based business owner. If the home-based business owner does not own the property, the property owner must give written permission to operate the business on the property. A copy of the owner’s letter must be attached to the home-based business application.
   2.   A day care home is not regulated as a home-based business for zoning purposes.
   3.   Automotive sales, automotive service and repair of vehicles not owned or leased by the occupants of the property, nail salons, animal kennels, and medical services are not allowed in residential neighborhoods and are, therefore, not permitted to operate under a home-based business permit. For purposes of this Section, automotive sales shall mean the sale of two or more vehicles on the property at any given time.
B.   Review Standards. The City shall review the home-based business application and issue a permit provided the proposed use does not violate the standards of this Article.
   1.   The residential character of the property shall be maintained and show no indications that a home-based business is being conducted on the premises (other than signage as allowed in Article 151.10, Sign Regulations).
   2.   Customers may patronize a home-based business between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
   3.   The home-based business must be occupy no more than 25 percent of the gross floor area of the principal building or take place within an accessory structure approved by the City.
   4.   Remodeling the home or installing mechanical and/or electrical equipment not customarily found in a residential dwelling, when specifically needed to accommodate the home-based business, is not allowed.
   5.   Parts or materials related to the home-based business shall be screened from public view by either an opaque structure or vegetation and will be limited to the interior of the structure or the side and rear yards of the property.
   6.   A home-based business is limited to one full-time employee or equivalent in addition to those employees residing at the residence.
   7.   Increases in traffic and parking generated by the home-based business should not be noticeable to the neighborhood. The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Handbook will be used to determine traffic standards.
   8.   Employees not working at the residence may not congregate at the home to perform daily operational activities.
   9.   The signage for a home-based business shall be in accordance with Article 151.10.
   10.   Noise, vibrations, odors, heat, or glare in a home-based business shall not be detectable beyond the property line or as stated in Chapters 93 and 150 of the City Code.
   11.   The storage of hazardous materials in a home-based business must comply with the International Building Code and International Fire Code.
   12.   A home-based business may not have a semi-tractor/trailer deliver goods to the residence nor use one in the daily operations of the business.
   13.   A home-based business that uses heavy equipment, such as construction equipment, must store the equipment at a commercial location.
C.   Permit Revocation. The City may revoke a home-based business permit if the business violates any of the provisions of this Article, violates any terms or conditions of the permit, or fails to pay the City Business License fee.
D.   Short-Term Sales Exempt. A home-based business permit is not required when conducting short-term sales from a residence. Time frames for short-term sales shall not exceed three days for any single event and a total of ten days per year.
E.   Validity of Permits. The provisions of this Article shall apply to all home-based businesses in the City.
(Ord. 2016-002, passed 2-25-16; Am. Res. 2019-083, passed 10-10-19; Am. Ord. 2019-007, passed 11-14-19)