Section 151.06.003 Alternative Energy Systems
A.   It is the intent of this section to provide for and encourage the development, installation, and use of alternative sources and systems of energy that result in the conservation of conventional energy sources.
B.   The alternative energy systems contemplated include: solar space heating systems, solar water heating systems, geothermal systems, wind power generating systems, photovoltaic conversion systems, and more efficient on-site waste treatment and disposal to include the production and utilization of methane gas and other usable by- products.
C.   The evaluation and consideration for approval of alternative energy systems may be considered on a case-by-case basis in certain zoning districts as provided under Section 151.22.006, Matrix of Use Permissions by Zoning District.
D.   Application for construction, installation, and use of alternative energy systems will follow the normal building permit process. Approval includes the intent of the City that direct access to sunlight and air shall be preserved and protected from occlusion, obstruction, interference, or other detrimental or impairing actions or obstructions. In subdivision or planned unit development projects, the use of restrictive covenants is encouraged in order to ensure perpetual light and air easements over adjacent or adjoining lots or parcels. Nothing in this section shall be construed as aggravating or otherwise interfering with agreements or contracts between private parties with respect to obtaining light and air easements between adjoining parties or landowners.
(Ord. 2016-002, passed 2-25-16)