Any land added to the City of Sidney is automatically zoned the lowest residential density until such time as the City Council approves a different zoning classification.
   A.   Annexations: All new additions and annexations of land to the City of Sidney shall be zoned Single Household Residential Zoning District (R-1), unless otherwise classified by the City Council as part of the annexation decision and is prezoned to a different zoning district following such prezoning procedures. The City Council can amend the Zoning Map to reclassify the land to a different zoning classification at a later time following the rezoning procedures.
   B.   Abandoned Rights-Of-Way, Federal And State Land: All rights- of-way abandoned, sold or vacated by any County, City, State or Federal agency shall be assigned the same zoning classification of the adjoining land (or the acquired property when an acquisition is in conjunction with a right-of-way vacation) unless the City Council amends the Zoning Map to reclassify the land to a different zoning classification.
   C.   Lot Or Parcel In More Than One Zoning District: A lot or parcel located in more than one zoning district may be developed as a single development. The entire lot or parcel shall be used to meet the minimum site area requirements of the more restrictive zone. The uses allowed must follow the most restrictive zone requirements until such parcel is subdivided or rezoned to one zone. (Ord. 567, 3-20-2017)