A.   Meanings And Intent: The wording of this title is intended to be read literally. Standards are no more or less strict than stated. Words defined in section 11-23-4, "Definitions", of this title have the specific meaning provided. Section 11-23-4, "Definitions", of this title, contains a procedure to address words not defined in said section.
   B.   Headings And Illustrations: Headings and illustrations are provided for convenience and reference only and do not change or limit the provisions of this title. In case of any difference of meaning or implication between the text of this title and any heading, figure or illustration, the text shall apply.
   C.   Current Versions And Citations: All references to documents or to other Municipal, County, State or Federal regulations must be interpreted as references to the most recent version of the documents or regulations.
   D.   Delegation Of Responsibility: Whenever a provision requires an officer, board or commission to perform an act of duty, that provision will be construed as authorizing the referenced officer, board or commission to delegate that responsibility to others over whom they have authority, unless such delegation is prohibited by statute. (Ord. 567, 3-20-2017)