8-2-11: RATE OF TAX:
The City Council shall, as equitably as possible, appraise the kind and quantity of garbage service required by each occupied lot or portion thereof, and to classify the uses according to the following schedule. The classification shall take into consideration the type of business, size of business, amount of garbage produced based on past experience, and number of times per week that garbage is picked up. Classifications shall be as follows:
Single-family residential (including mobile homes)
Basic rate
Small business
2.25 times basic rate
Small intermediate business
3.375 times basic rate
Medium business
4.875 times basic rate
Medium intermediate business
6.75 times basic rate
Bars, large garages, drive-in food service
8.25 times basic rate
Large cafes and restaurants, large stores, large bars serving food, schools
12 times basic rate
Large business
18 times basic rate
30 times basic rate
Motels, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes
Basic rate plus 0.12 times basic rate per room (this limitation shall not prevent the levy of an additional assessment in the event the hotel or motel also conducts restaurant, store or bar business within the same building or upon the same lot)
Single-unit residence with apartments. (For purposes of this chapter, a duplex shall not be considered as a single-unit residence with an apartment but 2 single-unit residences and shall be assessed as such.)
Basic rate plus 0.75 times basic rate for each apartment
Apartments including fourplexes
Basic rate for first unit and 0.75 times basic rate for each additional apartment
If daily pick up is required, an additional one-half (1/2) of the total assessment shall be added. (Ord. 351, 8-15-1983)