Land shall be subdivided in such a way that:
   (A)   All subdivision lots shall conform to the minimum lot size requirements of the zoning district in which the subdivision is located; provided, however, land that may be submerged in the 100-year storm event or land reserved for wetlands, riparian corridors or street improvements shall not be counted toward meeting the requirements;
   (B)   Every corner and through lot shall be large enough to permit compliance with the front setback requirements of the applicable zoning district on every side of the lot that faces a street;
   (C)   All lot remnants shall be added to adjacent lots to avoid the creation of unbuildable lots;
   (D)   All lots shall contain adequate space for required off-street parking and loading;
   (E)   All side lot lines shall be at right angles to straight street right-of-way lines or radial to curved street right-of-way lines;
   (F)   Each lot within the subdivision shall abut a street meeting the street design specifications in §§ 151.245 through 151.254 and have the required frontage as shown in § 151.047;
   (G)   All outlots shall have access to public right-of-way at least 25 feet wide; and
   (H)   Lots to be sized to ensure the 100-year storm high water elevation is at least 30 feet from any building proposed on the lot.
   Fences, walls and natural barriers, see § 151.167
   Front setbacks on multiple frontage lots, see § 151.034