A.   Action In Equity: The city attorney or any person with standing may take appropriate steps to enjoin a possessor of a property within the city where a public nuisance is being maintained to abate the public nuisance. (1975 Code § 8.20.040; amd. 2008 Code)
   B.   Temporary Injunction: Upon the filing of the complaint in such action, the judge may issue a temporary injunction.
   C.   Evidence Of General Reputation: In such action, evidence of the general reputation of the premises shall be admissible for the purpose of proving the existence of such nuisance.
   D.   Order Of Abatement: If the existence of the nuisance is established, an order of abatement shall be entered as part of the judgment in the case. The judge issuing such order may, in his discretion:
      1.   Confiscate all fixtures used on the premises to maintain the nuisance and either sell them and transmit the proceeds to the city general fund, destroy them or return them to their rightful ownership; or
      2.   Close the premises for any period not to exceed one year. During such period, the premises shall remain in the custody of the court; or
      3.   Allow the premises to be opened upon the posting of bonds sufficient in amount to assure compliance with the order of abatement. The bonds shall be forfeited if the nuisance is continued or resumed. The procedure for forfeiture and/or discharge of the bond shall be as provided in Montana Code Annotated sections 49-9-502 and 49-9-503; or
      4.   Any combination of the above. (1975 Code § 8.20.040)