A.   Forms: The city finance officer shall collect all fees for the licenses required by this chapter. The city finance officer shall procure blanks for applications, books of account, receipts and license forms used in connection with the issuance of business licenses.
   B.   Required Information: All businesses required to be licensed by this chapter shall make application, in writing, which application shall contain the following information:
      1.   The full business name, permanent address and phone number of applicant;
      2.   Brief description of the nature of the business;
      3.   The location or locations of the business in the city, giving the street address and phone number of each location and the name of the person in charge at each location;
      4.   The number of local employees of the business, including owners, partners, proprietors, and managers;
      5.   The length of time the right to do business is desired, when applicable;
      6.   The endorsement of the city building inspector evidencing that the location sought to be licensed does not violate the city zoning and building ordinances; provided, however, that such endorsement shall not be required on an application for renewal of a license;
      7.   If the party actually applying for a license is the agent or representative of the applicant, the full name, address and phone number of said agent or representative, and the full name, address and phone number of the principal, if different than that of the applicant. (Ord. 660, 2-4-1991)