In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the Floodplain Administrator should participate in the coordination of assistance and provide information to structure owners concerning hazard mitigation and recovery measures with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Montana Disaster Emergency Services, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, and other State, local and private emergency service organizations.
Upon completion of cursory street view structure condition survey within the regulated flood hazard area, the Floodplain Administrator shall notify owners that a permit may be necessary for an alteration or substantial improvement before repair or reconstruction commences on damaged structures because of damages caused by natural or man-made disasters such as floods, fires or winds.
Owners should be advised that structures that have suffered substantial damage and will undergo substantial improvements require a floodplain application and permit and must be upgraded to meet the minimum building standards herein during repair or reconstruction. (MCA 76-5-404(3)(b)) (ARM 36.15.702) (44 CFR 60.3(c)(2 and 3)) (Ord. 829, 12-5-2016)