Within the regulated flood hazard area, subdivisions including new or expansion of existing manufactured home parks, must be designed to meet the following criteria:
   A.   The base flood elevations and boundary of the regulated flood hazard area must be determined and considered during lot layout and building location design;
   B.   Locations for future structures and development must be reasonably safe from flooding; (44 CFR 60.3(a)(4))
   C.   Adequate surface water drainage must be provided to reduce exposure to flood hazards; (44 CFR 60.3(a)(4)(iii))
   D.   Public utilities and facilities such as sewer, gas, electrical and water systems must be located and constructed to minimize or eliminate flood damage; and (44 CFR 60.3(a)(4)(ii))
   E.   Floodplain permits must be obtained according to these regulations before development occurs that is within the regulated flood hazard area. (44 CFR 60.3(b)) (Ord. 829, 12-5-2016)