A.   Intent: These zones are intended to overlay any other zoning districts and regulations comprising or pertaining to areas to which it is applicable, so as to prevent undue negative interaction between aviation activities associated with the Shelby airport and the surrounding community. It is intended to notify potential property purchasers in the vicinity of the existence of the airport approaches, associated noise, and activities. These zones are intended to preserve the utility of the airport and the public investment therein.
   B.   Airport Influence Notification Zones: In order to effectuate the intent and provisions of this chapter, there is hereby created and established the airport influence notification zones. These zones are defined as shown in subsection 13-13-10D of this chapter. A real estate disclosure statement, adhering to the form of the statement below, shall be provided to and signed by each potential purchaser of property within the airport influence notification zone - approach, for a property that lies in whole or part within the designated airport influence notification zone - approach. The seller shall affix a signed certification (see following) to the buy/sell agreement:
   Airport Influence Approach Zones Notification Statement
The tract of land situated at                           in Toole County, Montana, consisting of approximately            acres, which is being conveyed from                                   to                                     lies within the Shelby airport approach and as such, may be subjected to noise, vibration, chemicals, odors, hours of operation, and other associated airport activities.
The undersigned purchaser(s) of said tract of land certify(ies) that (he/they) (has/have) read and understand(s) the above disclosure statement and acknowledge(s) the preexistence of the above named airport, as well as the noise and activities associated with the operation of said airport.
   Seller       Buyer   
   Sworn to and subscribed before me at:
      Notary Public
   (Ord. 766, 2-16-2004)