This title governs the subdivision of land within the jurisdictional area of the city-county planning board.
   A.   If a proposed subdivision lies within one mile of the city, the planning board must submit the preliminary plat to the city council or its designated agent for review and comment. If a proposed subdivision lies partly within the incorporated city, the preliminary plat must be submitted to, and approved by, both the city council and Toole County board of county commissioners.
   B.   If a proposed subdivision is located in a rural school district, the planning board shall provide a summary of the information contained in the subdivision application and preliminary plat to that school district's trustees.
   C.   When a proposed subdivision is also proposed to be annexed to a municipality, the governing body of that municipality will combine public hearings and otherwise coordinate the subdivision review process and annexation procedures whenever possible.
   D.   This title supplements all other regulations, and where they are at variance with other laws, regulations, ordinances, or resolutions, the more restrictive requirements apply. Other regulations include, but are not limited to, zoning regulations, floodplain regulations, building codes, development codes, and fire codes. (Ord. 784, 8-6-2007)