A.   Application: Any individual and/or business entity desiring to extend a water main to and/or through an area not now served by a city water main may accomplish the same by making an application at the office of the water registrar on a printed form furnished for that purpose. Said application shall be subject to review and approval by the city council. Additionally, said applicant shall comply with all other federal, state and local statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to the extension of water mains.
   B.   Costs: All costs for extensions of the water main and/or mains must be borne by the applicant and/or owners of the property in the area that receives a benefit from said water main extension. In the event the city extends the water main at the request of the applicant, then and in that event, payment for said work done by the city may be made in cash prior to extension of the water main and/or mains and/or by special improvement district bonds.
   C.   Easements: It shall be the obligation of the applicant to obtain all easements, if any are necessary, in order to extend the water main or mains. (1975 Code § 13.04.080)