A.   Application: Application for the use of water must be made at the office of the water registrar on a printed form furnished for that purpose. Service will be furnished to any consumer who fully and truly sets forth all the purposes for which water may be required and who agrees to and conforms with all rules and regulations governing the service; provided the purposes set forth comply with all the governing body's rules and that the system of mains and pipes extends to the point where service is desired, and is adequate to supply the service applied for.
   B.   Use Restricted: No person supplied with water from the city mains will be entitled to use it for any other purpose than those stated in the application, or to supply in any way other persons or families.
   C.   Signature Required: An application for the introduction of water service to any premises must be signed by the owner of the premises and must be made on the regular form furnished by the governing body for that purpose.
   D.   Responsibility For Costs And Expenses: When such an application has been granted, the governing body, at the applicant's expense, will tap the main and furnish corporation cock, clamp, when necessary, and any other material used or labor furnished in connection with the tapping of the main, said items included in the tapping fee. All expense of laying and maintaining the service pipes from the mains to the consumer's premises must be borne by the consumer. The service pipe must be laid below street grade and on the consumer's premises, at a standard depth designated by the governing body, to prevent freezing. A curb cock of approved pattern with a cast iron curb box must be installed by the consumer at a point designated by the governing body.
   E.   Service Pipes; Curb Stop: Service pipes are to be laid below expected frost line. The curb stop must be set on or near the property line. The curb stop shall be quarter-turn Minneapolis design with a two (2) piece curb box and sidewalk top, the lower section to screw onto the curb stop. Service pipes shall be type K copper pipe from the main to the curb stop and said pipe shall be possessed of flared couplings. (1975 Code § 13.04.050)