The city finance officer shall act as the water registrar. The water registrar shall: (1975 Code § 13.04.040; amd. 2008 Code)
   A.   Be the financial receiving clerk of the waterworks.
   B.   Keep a complete set of books, which shall at all times show the distribution of accounts of the water department. The books shall be open to inspection at all times by the public or any officer of the city during the hours the office is open for business.
   C.   Have the care and safekeeping of all books and papers belonging to the water department, except those pertaining to the water superintendent.
   D.   Keep a correct account of all receipts and make out all bills for water rents or materials furnished to consumers, collect the same and deposit the money so collected with the city finance officer daily, to the credit of the water system fund of the city and in accordance with the laws of the city.
   E.   Issue all permits for tapping mains. When tappings are made leading off on streets where there are no mains, such applications shall be offered to the governing body for their approval.
   F.   Make monthly reports to the governing body showing all receipts, deposits and balances for the current month and shall certify to their correctness and submit the same at the governing body's first regular meeting in the month.
   G.   Give such bonds as may be prescribed by the governing body for the faithful performance of his duties. (1975 Code § 13.04.040)