The water superintendent shall:
   A.   Have supervision of all contracts and see that they are faithfully executed. The water superintendent shall recommend to the governing body the ordering of all water mains, their location and size, the location of all valves, special castings and hydrants. He shall have charge of the erection or changing of all buildings, engines, pumps, fixtures, boilers, filters, galleries, basins, tunnels, reservoirs and grounds.
   B.   Keep a correct record of all mains laid, special castings, valves and hydrants located in the lines of the waterworks, the record to be kept in a suitably bound book, and upon the termination of his office it shall be his duty to surrender the same to the city finance officer.
   C.   Keep a record of all taps, services and their size and location.
   D.   Have general supervision of the mains, gates, hydrants, taps, reservoirs, pumps, buildings and grounds.
   E.   Subject to the guidance of the governing body, have the immediate charge and supervision of the work of the reservoir caretakers and of any pump men who may be employed, and laborers and employees in and about the repair and construction and operation of the waterworks.
   F.   Take charge of the men employed on the works, other than the office force, and of all work, and see that the same is done in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with the instructions of the governing body.
   G.   Have charge of all vehicles used in the operation of the water distribution system, and see that the pipes, valves, hydrants and other materials are accounted for and stored, and shall file with the city finance officer an inventory on the first Monday in May of each year of all personal property belonging to the water department.
   H.   Be held responsible for all tools and material and shall keep a daily record of the receipt of tools and materials, also the time of the men under him, and shall issue certified time checks for all labor performed showing when and for what purpose the class of work was performed, and shall report to the governing body at the first meeting of each month, giving a detailed statement of the cost of all labor performed and the material purchased for the preceding month.
   I.   See that all gates and hydrants are restored to their proper condition after use by the fire department, and report to the governing body immediately all breaks, defective hydrants and taps, and repair the same under their direction and report the same to the governing body each month.
   J.   Make all taps for service and examine the service pipes and see that they are properly laid and stopcocks placed in proper position, and perform such other duties as he may be directed to do.
   K.   Report the location and at least two (2) measurements taken from two (2) separate permanent points for each tap and stop box made in the water mains and service pipes, said report to be made to the water registrar of the waterworks not later than the day following the making of every such tap. He shall not remove or change the location of any fire hydrant, valve, water pipe, tap, stop box or any other permanent improvement without first having an order therefor from the governing body. He shall report all changes made on orders made not later than the succeeding day from that on which the work was done, and shall perform such other duties as the governing body designates.
   L.   Have charge of inspecting the premises entered by service pipes and of examining into the condition of all meters and other water fixtures; and shall be vigilant to detect and warn against abuses whether from waste or from other improper use of water, and report at once all infringements of the rules and regulations. (1975 Code § 13.04.030)