11-1-2: EMPLOYEES:
   A.   Employees: There shall be employed in connection with the operation and maintenance of the system a water registrar, water superintendent and such other employees as may be necessary for the proper and efficient operation and maintenance of the water system and supply.
   B.   Terms And Conditions Of Employment: Each of the employees shall be employed by the governing body of the city for such time, at such salary or wages and upon such terms and conditions generally as the governing body may determine and agree upon.
   C.   Entire Time And Attention To Office: Such employees shall not be interested directly or indirectly in any job, contract or any piece of work, but they shall give their entire time and attention to the duties of their offices.
   D.   Bonds: They shall each give such bonds as may be prescribed by the governing body for the faithful performance of their duties. (1975 Code § 13.04.020)