A.   Notice Of Noncompliance: In the event of noncompliance with this chapter in the one hundred eighty (180) days stated above, the city council shall instruct the city attorney to give notice to said owner or owners of said noncompliance, by certified mail, return receipt requested, or by personal service from the sheriff's office, or by publication in the event such owner or owners cannot be personally located, ordering said installation of sidewalk, curb and gutter within thirty (30) days of receipt of said notice.
   B.   Installation By City; Lien: If noncompliance exists at the end of the thirty (30) days hereinabove mentioned, the city shall have the right to install said sidewalk, curb and gutter and shall bill the owner or owners of said property the actual cost of said installation as set forth in Montana Code Annotated subsection 7-14-4109(4). If said installation is not paid for in full within thirty (30) days of billing, the city shall have the right to place a lien upon the property for which the installation was provided in an amount equal to the cost of the installation, plus filing fees, plus any interest allowable by law. The city reserves the right to foreclose on said lien pursuant to Montana statute pertaining to the foreclosure of liens. (Ord. 719, 4-16-1997)