A.   Remodeling:
      1.   Definition: "Remodeling" specifically includes siding, reroofing and replacing of cupboards, counters and countertops, as well as repairing or replacing inside walls. Windows and doors are included as remodeling so long as the original opening is utilized and not enlarged.
      2.   No Fee Or Permit Required: No fee and no permit shall be required for any remodeling of any single-family dwelling so long as said remodeling does not in any way effect the structural integrity of said single-family dwelling.
   B.   Structural Changes: Structural changes shall require a building permit and the payment of the appropriate fee and shall include any building on any single-family dwelling that increases or decreases the size of said structure. The building of any fence shall be considered a structural change and shall require a zoning permit and the payment of the appropriate fee. The question of whether or not any contemplated work on any single- family dwelling constitutes a structural change shall be presented to the building inspector for his determination. (Ord. 803, 9-20-2010)