5-1-3-3: RIOTING 1 :
   A.   Definition: A person commits the offense of riot if he purposely and knowingly disturbs the peace by engaging in an act of violence or threat to commit an act of violence as part of an assemblage of five (5) or more persons, which act or threat presents a clear and present danger of, or results in, damage to property or injury to persons. (1975 Code § 9.44.010)
   B.   Prohibited: No person shall participate within the municipality, or within three (3) miles of municipal limits, in any riot. (1975 Code § 9.44.020)
   C.   Remaining Present After Warning To Disperse: No person shall remain present at the place of any riot within the municipality after the riot and rioters have been lawfully warned to disperse, except public officers and persons assisting public officers in attempting to disperse the same. (1975 Code § 9.44.030)



1. MCA § 45-8-103.