A.   Offenses Designated: A person commits the offense of disorderly conduct if he knowingly disturbs the peace within the city, or within three (3) miles of the city limits, by:
      1.   Quarreling, challenging to fight or fighting; or
      2.   Making loud or unusual noises; or
      3.   Using threatening, profane or abusive language; or
      4.   Discharging firearms within the city limits; or
      5.   Rendering vehicular or pedestrian traffic impassable; or
      6.   Rendering the free ingress or egress to public or private places impassable; or
      7.   Disturbing or disrupting any lawful assembly or public meeting; or
      8.   Transmitting a false report or warning of a fire, impending explosion or other catastrophe in such a place that if occurring would endanger human life; or
      9.   Creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act that serves no legitimate purpose. (1975 Code § 9.36.010)
   B.   Failure Of Disorderly Persons To Disperse: Where two (2) or more persons are engaged in disorderly conduct, a law enforcement officer, judge or mayor may order the participants to disperse. A person who knowingly refuses or knowingly fails to obey such order commits the offense of failure to disperse. (1975 Code § 9.36.020)



1. MCA §§ 45-8-101, 7-32-4301.