(a)   Establishment; membership; compensation. There is hereby established a Health Department Advisory Board, which shall consist of the following six members: Mayor, Health Commissioner, one individual representing healthcare, one individual representing environmental health services, and two individuals representing the community at-large. All members shall be appointed by the Mayor and subject to confirmation by Council. Members shall be qualified by their education and/or experience in public health, healthcare, environmental health, community service, concern for the city's welfare, and/or other criteria as determined by the Mayor. Members of the Health Department Advisory Board shall serve faithfully, honestly, impartially, voluntarily, and without compensation.
   (b)   Terms of service; vacancies. The term of office shall be three years, except that of the Mayor and Health Commissioner. The Mayor and Health Commissioner are permanent positions on the Board and shall be filled by the individuals currently holding each position. In the event that a vacancy occurs during the term of any member, the Mayor shall appoint a successor to fulfill the unexpired portion of the term.
   (c)   Powers and duties. The Health Department Advisory Board is a standing board formed to obtain community input and engage stakeholders in services provided by the Health Department. The Board shall have the power to study, investigate, advise, report, and recommend to the Mayor any action, program, or plan which the Board finds advisable for the city's Public Health Department. The Board shall have no legal responsibilities and is formed to give advice and recommendations to the Health Department. It cannot compel the Mayor or Health Department staff to act on its recommendations or feedback.
   (d)   Officers; rules, quorum; report. The Mayor shall serve as Chair of the Health Department Advisory Board and will designate a Health Department employee to serve as Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for sending meeting notices, preparing meeting minutes, and communicating with the Board at the Mayor's direction. The Board shall meet quarterly. A majority of members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All findings, advice, reports, and recommendations of the Board shall be made in writing and shall designate by name those members of the Board approving or concurring therein. Members who do not approve or concur therein shall have the right, as part of the Board's report, to state their reason for disagreement.
(Ord. 28-2019, passed 10-21-2019)