(a)   No person shall, for hire, collect, remove or haul trash or refuse over, through or upon any of the streets, alleys or other public ways of the city, or engage in the business of collecting, hauling or transporting rubbish, ashes, trash or refuse for hire, without first obtaining a permit therefor from the Director of Public Service. The permit shall be for a period of one year and the fee shall be $100.
   (b)   Prior to the issuance of such a permit, the Director or his or her agents shall inspect all trucks, which shall be subject to the following rules and regulations:
      (1)   All trucks shall be clean at all times, washed and kept in good running condition.
      (2)   All trucks shall have tightly fitting beds.
      (3)   The sides of all trucks shall be tight to prevent paper from blowing over the streets.
      (4)   All trucks shall be covered with tight coverings, which may be tarpaulin, wood or metal.