(a)   All equipment used in installation shall meet the applicable standards of Underwriters Laboratories of the United States, Factory Mutual or the National Fire Protection Association or other recognized industry standard. The owner or installer may be required to submit evidence of the reliability and suitability of the equipment to be installed.
   (b)   The appropriate authority or a designated representative shall have the authority, at reasonable times and upon oral notice, to enter upon any premises within the city to inspect only the installation and operation of an interconnected alarm system, the purpose of which is to report an emergency to the police. Failure to allow reasonable inspection of the alarm system may be grounds for disconnection from an interconnected alarm system. If the premises are a private dwelling, then the equipment, after three false alarms, will be disconnected and will not be re-connected until an inspection and corrections can be made.
   (c)   The appropriate authority may require that repairs or adjustments be made whenever he or she has determined that they are necessary to assure proper operation. Failure to make repairs or adjustments may be grounds for disconnection of the alarm system.
(Ord. 29-84, passed 12-3-1984)