(a)   No person shall deposit any manure from a stable, chicken coop or pen, or swill, garbage or offensive substances, within 40 feet of any occupied dwelling or place of business.
   (b)   No owner of any animal shall permit the animal to place waste upon public land or upon the premises of another within the city.
   (c)   Any owner observing or learning of his or her animal placing waste upon public land shall immediately remove the waste from the public land and dispose of the waste in an enclosed container.
   (d)   For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      (1)   "Animal." Any domestic animal, including but not limited to dogs, horses and cats.
      (2)   "Owner." A person who harbors, keeps, controls or possesses an animal.
      (3)   "Public land." Any and all property owned by the city, including sidewalks, rights-of-way, streets and park land.
      (4)   "Waste." Fecal matter derived from animals.
   (e)   Whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 21-89, passed 7-17-1989)