(a)    Expiration. Any Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Cafe license issued under this Chapter shall expire upon the transfer or sale of a majority interest in the business, or the discontinuation of the business for a continuous period of thirty (30) days. Any Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Café device license issued under this Chapter shall expire upon the transfer or sale of such Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Café device.
   (b)    Suspension and Revocation. All licenses issued under this Chapter shall be suspended or revoked by the Mayor/Safety Service Director upon his finding of the occurrence of any of the following events:
      (1)   A false statement by any licensee as to a material matter made in an application for license or in a hearing concerning the license;
      (2)    Conviction of any licensee or operator of any felony or of any misdemeanor involving physical violence, gambling activities, controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, minors or any crime involving moral turpitude;
      (3)    Conviction twice within a one (1) year period of any licensee or operator for a violation of this Chapter;
      (4)    Failure to register or operate without the proper license for the Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Cafe premise license or failure to register or operate with the proper Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Cafe device license.
   (c)    Hearing. The suspension or revocation of any license under this Chapter shall not be made without a hearing. The licensee shall be given at least ten (10) days prior written notice of intent to suspend or revoke, which shall set forth the time and place of the hearing and the specific reasons for such suspension or revocation. The licensee shall have the right at the hearing to present testimony and other relevant evidence and to orally examine any person offering evidence as to the reasons for suspension or revocation.
   (d)    Appeal. The decision of the Mayor/Safety Service Director may be appealed to a court of competent jurisdiction under Ohio R. C. Chapter 2506.
(Ord. 2272. Passed 4-11-11.)