No licensee of an Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Café by himself, directly or indirectly, or by any representative, agent or employee shall permit or fail to take active steps to eliminate the activities specified in this section from occurring upon the premises. All such licensees shall have a duty to diligently pursue enforcement of this section. The actions of the operator and the failure to take action by the operator shall be imputed to the licensee. No such licensee shall:
   (a)   Permit any indecent, immoral or profane language, or indecent, immoral or disorderly conduct, upon the premises;
   (b)   Permit the premises to become a gathering place for disorderly persons of any type;
   (c)   Permit gambling in any form or the possession or use of gambling paraphernalia upon the premises;
   (d)    Permit intoxication or the possession, use or consumption of alcoholic beverages upon the premises;
   (e)    Permit the possession, use or consumption of any unlawful drug, narcotic or controlled substance upon the premises;
   (f)    Permit the public streets, sidewalks, alleys or walkways in the immediate vicinity of any entrance or exit to the premises to become littered;
   (g)    Permit the premises or the activity conducted thereon to become a public nuisance to the surrounding environs;
   (h)    Permit the walkways to become obstructed in any manner so that pedestrian traffic is hindered;
   (i)    Permit any Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Café device thereon to be operated at any time the premises are not open for business, or permit the entrance to be locked at any time that the premises are open for business;
   (j)    Permit the premises to become overcrowded so as to constitute a hazard to the health or safety of persons therein or to be in violation of any of the Village's fire, health or sanitation codes;
   (k)    Permit any Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Café device to be offered to the public for operation unless fully operable and in safe operating condition;
   (l)    Permit the premises to be open for business without displaying the licenses therefore in a conspicuous place thereon;
   (m)   Permit the operation of any unlicensed Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes Café device upon the premises;
   (n)    Permit any violation of any ordinance of the Village or statute of the State of Ohio to take place upon the premises. (Ord. 2272. Passed 4-11-11.)