Ord. No.   Date   Description
263   9-21-26   Part of Clifton Ave.
1875   7-26-55   Part of Lincoln Park Blvd.
1924   12-27-55   Part of Tennyson Rd. in Lake Erie Manor Allotment.
44-56   7-10-56   Parts of Community Rd., Tennyson Ave., Hawthorne Ave., Ivanhoe Ave., Mansfield St. and Marion St.
5-57   2-12-57   Parts of Community Rd. and Hawthorne Dr.
20-57   6-3-57   Part of Community Rd. and Allen Ave.
49-57   9-24-57   Part of Knickerbocker Rd.
64-57   11-21-57   Parts of Community Rd. and Ivanhoe Ave.
13-59   2-24-59   Parts of Stark and Oliver Sts.
56-59   9-8-59   Tennyson Ave. from part vacated by Ord. 44-56 to Sheffield Rd.
58-59   10-13-59   Gayle Dr. from Lake Rd. to Hawthorne Ave.
60-59   10-27-59   Hawthorne Ave. from Pasadena Ave. to Kenilworth Ave.
63-59   10-27-59   Hart St. from Cove Beach Ave. east to its terminus.
65-59   10-27-59   Portions of Hawthorne and Tennyson Aves.
19-60   4-12-60   Portions of Ferndale Ave., Hawthorne Ave. and Tennyson Ave.
29-60   6-14-60   Portions of Parkview Dr.
61-60   12-13-60   Part of Tennyson Ave.
26-63   4-1-63   Hawthorne Ave. from Roberts St. to Lake Breeze Rd.
61-63   6-11-63   Hawthorne Ave. from Irving Park Blvd. to Parkview Dr.
27-65   4-27-65   Part of Tennyson Ave.
61-67   6-27-67   Portion of Cliff Dr.
25-69   3-29-69   Part of Cliff Dr.
97-72   9-12-72   Part of Harriett St.
65-76   7-27-76   Part of Tennyson Ave. and the streetcar right of way between Tennyson Ave. and Hawthorne Ave.
5-77   1-25-77   Tennyson Ave. and the electric railroad right of way between Harris Rd. and Robinwood Ave.
78-83   7-12-83   Part of Ferndale Ave. between Layfayette Blvd. to Harris Rd.
56-88   7-12-88   Portions of E. Boulevard, Thelma Drive, Gayle Drive, Lynne Drive and Richelieu Ave. south of Walker Rd. and generally east of Cove Beach Ave.
67-88   9-13-88   Portions of E. Boulevard, Thelma Drive, Lynne Drive and Richelieu Ave. south of Walker Rd. and generally east of Cove Beach Ave.
22-95   3-14-95   A portion of Tennyson Avenue.
66-95   6-27-95   A portion of Tennyson Avenue.
25-97   3-25-97   Allows Continental Cablevision to have certain rights within the City.
28-97   3-25-97   Authorizes an easement agreement with Sheffield Lake Incorporated whereby the City will obtain certain easement rights to real estate in order to facilitate the renovation of a pump/lift station.
67-05   9-13-05   A portion of Tennyson Avenue.
34-17      7-11-17   Portion of Hawthorne Avenue.
15-22      4-12-22   Portions of Treadway Blvd. and Ivanhoe Ave.
46-23   11-14-23   Portions of Oakwood Avenue and Tennyson Avenue.