(a)   No person, firm or corporation shall collect, transport or dispose of any garbage, refuse or rubbish within the corporate limits of the City without first obtaining a license therefor as provided in this chapter. This section has no application to collectors employed by the City or to persons, firms or corporations duly licensed by Municipal Authorities.
   (b)   No person, firm or corporation, in the business of hauling garbage or rubbish, shall permit, allow or cause to be permitted or allowed, any vehicle loaded with or containing any garbage or rubbish, to park, stand or otherwise remain in a stationary position on a City street, alley or other public property, or on private property, except for the express purpose of loading garbage or rubbish, or in obedience to a police officer or traffic control device.
(Ord. 14-82. Passed 7-28-82.)
   (c)   No person shall cause or allow, or cause to be permitted or allowed, any vehicle to collect garbage or rubbish within the City prior to 6:00 a.m.
(Ord. 18-00. Passed 8-17-00.)