Certain words used in this chapter are defined below. Words used in the present tense shall include the future. The singular number shall include the plural, and the plural the singular. The word "shall" is mandatory and not permissive.
   (a)   “Applicant.” Any person, partnership or corporation who makes application for a permit.
   (b)   “Backfill.” Approved material used to fill a trench or other excavation, or the process of doing so.
   (c)   “City.” The City of Sharon, its officers, employees and officials.
   (d)   “City Council.” City of Sharon Council also referred to as "Council".
   (e)   “City Road.” Any road which has been dedicated to and accepted by the City for use as a public road. See “Cartway.”
   (f)   “Cartway.” Paved area of the road within which vehicles are permitted, including curbs and shoulders.
   (g)   “Certificate of insurance.” Certificate provided by the applicant which verifies that the applicant carried the minimum insurance coverage(s) as stipulated in this chapter.
   (h)   “Degradation fee.” A fee determined by formula found in Appendix A. This fee is imposed on any person, partnership or corporation which obtains a street excavation permit, and the work to be performed includes open cutting any City road.
   (i)   “Driveway.” Private roadway providing access for vehicles to a parking space, garage, dwelling or other structure.
   (j)   “Emergency situation.” A situation or event, such as breakage of a utility line, which presents an imminent hazard to the public health, safety and welfare. Not included in this definition is the routine placement or replacement of service facilities which are being constructed or replaced as part of normal expansion or routine maintenance activities.
   (k)   “Excavation.” Removal of soil, rocks, sidewalk, driveway or cartway material for the purpose of installing, replacing, repairing or removing underground facilities.
   (l)   “Exception.” Any deviation from the literal terms of this chapter which has been approved by City Council.
   (m)   “Final completion certificate.” Certificate issued by the City certifying that all work has been completed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (n)   “Fire Department.” City of Sharon Fire Department.
   (o)   “Inspection fee.” Fee established by City of Sharon Council for the purpose of performing inspections of a work site that has obtained a permit.
   (p)   “Inspector.” The designated official appointed by City Council whose duty it is to administer the provisions of this chapter.
   (q)   “Normal flow.” The direction, intensity and volume of storm water runoff typically present during various precipitation events.
   (r)   “Pavement cuts.” Open cutting of a cartway, sidewalk or driveway.
   (s)   “Performance guarantees.” Security submitted to the City which guarantees that all work required as part of an approved permit will be satisfactorily completed. An acceptable security can be a bond, letter of credit or certified check. Said security must be made payable to the City of Sharon.
   (t)   “Permit fee.” Fee established by City of Sharon Council for the purpose of administration costs in issuing permits.
   (u)   “Permitee.” Any person, partnership or corporation to whom a permit is issued.
   (v)   “Public Works Department.” City of Sharon Public Works Department.
   (w)   “Regular business day.” Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except designated holidays.
   (x)   “Right-of-way.” Land under the control of the city which contains city roads, sidewalks, driveways, driveway aprons, and other non-paved portions of land which may or may not contain above ground or underground utilities.
   (y)   “Right-of-way occupancy permit.” A permit which, when issued, permits the permittee to perform work within a City right-of-way. The work permitted under this permit shall not include any work authorized by a street excavation permit.
   (z)   “Sidewalk.” A paved, surfaced or leveled area, paralleling and usually separated from the cartway used as a pedestrian walkway, to include curb.
   (aa)   “Site plan.” A plan of the area to be worked upon which shows all pertinent information including but not limited to right-of-way lines, street locations, sidewalk locations and any existing sub-surface and above ground utilities which may be impacted by the work to be performed.
   (bb)   “Street excavation permit.” A permit which, when issued, permits the permittee to open cut any City road, sidewalk or driveway or tunnel under any City road, sidewalk or driveway.
   (cc)   “Subsurface facilities.” Any public utility or private transmission lines which are located below grade.
(Ord. 02-10.  Passed 6-17-10.)