(a)   It is the intention of the City that the provisions of this chapter be construed, enforced and interpreted in such a manner as will cause the least possible infringement of the constitutional rights of free speech, free expression, due process, equal protection or other fundamental rights, consistent with the purposes of this chapter. Should a court of competent jurisdiction determine that any part of this chapter, or any application or enforcement of it, is excessively restrictive of such rights or liberties, then such portion or specific application of this chapter shall be severed from the remainder, which shall continue in full force and effect.
   (b)   Council hereby determines that the prohibition of certain designated conduct will enhance the quality of life within the City; promote a climate conducive to the harmonious growth and development of the City and to the soundness of its economic base through the preservation and stabilization of the City's neighborhoods and the protection of the City's property values; and further represents part of the City's continuing effort to prevent blight and deterioration of the City's neighborhoods, both residential and commercial.
(Ord. 10-96. Passed 10-23-96.)