(a)   Interpretation and Purpose. This section shall be deemed to be a regulation as authorized and required by Act 168, effective December 21, 1988, and shall be interpreted in conjunction therewith. The purpose of this section is to implement a policy for the regulation of smoking in the work place and in public places as the same are defined in such Act.
(Ord. 8-92. Passed 5-27-92.)
   (b)   Prohibition. No person shall smoke, carry or possess lit tobacco in, within or through any public building or vehicle owned and/or maintained by the City. This shall include, but not be limited to, the Municipal building, the library, the City garage and the City sewage disposal facilities.
(Ord. 5-93. Passed 6-22-93.)
   (c)   Notices. The proper City officials are hereby authorized and directed to post no smoking notices at conspicuous places in all public buildings of the City in such manner and in such number as will give reasonable notice to the public of the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 8-92. Passed 5-27-92.)