(a)   No person shall obstruct or cause to be obstructed any of the public sidewalks, streets, lanes, alleys or other public places in the City, by means of exhibitions, vehicles, boxes, building materials or any other substance or material of any kind, whereby the free and unrestricted use of such thoroughfares, from property line to property line, by the traveling public, is interfered with. However, the temporary use of such thoroughfares for the loading or unloading of goods, or, with the consent of the Mayor, of not more than one-third of the width of such a thoroughfare for the temporary placing of building materials, under such safeguard as is required, shall be permitted.
(Ord. 270. Passed 4-7-25.)
   (b)   No gasoline pump, air hose connection, advertising sign or any other obstruction shall be installed or placed upon any street within its lines within the limits of the City. However, the words "other obstruction" shall not be construed to mean posts, poles or lighting standards used by the City or by public utilities, nor shall this section apply to overhead signs within the street lines.
(Ord. 207. Passed 12-4-23.)