No vehicle shall pass another vehicle proceeding in the same direction on the following street or portion of a street in either direction:
      Division Street from the eastern City limits to Stambaugh Avenue;
      South Dock Avenue from Wayne Place to the southern City limits;
      Fourth Avenue from McCleery Street to Hull Street;
      Hall Avenue from McCleery Street to Fisher Hill Street;
      Highland Road from Independence Court to North Myers Avenue;
      McCleery Street from Hall to Fourth Avenues;
      Prindle Street from South Oakland Avenue to Walnut Avenue;
      River Avenue from East Silver Street to Pitt Street;
      Stambaugh Avenue from Division Street to East State Street;
      East State Street from Pine Avenue to Buhl Court;
      West State Street from Irvine Avenue to State Line Road;
      Thornton Street from Hall Avenue to North Sharpsville Avenue;
      Walnut Avenue from Prindle Street to Liberty Street; and
      North Water Avenue from West State Street to West Clark Street.
(Ord. 4-78. Passed 2-22-78; Ord. 3-88. Passed 3-30-88.)