The Director of the Department of Public Works shall:
   (a)   Superintend, direct and control all engineering matters of the City;
   (b)   Perform such duties as the Mayor and Council prescribe with reference to the construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of all streets, pavements, sewers, bridges, culverts and other engineering work;
   (c)   Cause plans, specifications and estimates to be prepared for all work undertaken by the City and, whenever required, furnish the Mayor, Council, public boards or directors of departments with reports, information or estimates on any City engineering works or on questions submitted by any of them in their official capacities;
   (d)   Direct and have charge of all records, surveys and regulations authorized by any act of Assembly or ordinance of the City;
   (e)   Direct and supervise the operation of the Bureau of Streets, which shall be charged with the care, maintenance, construction and reconstruction of all streets, highways, alleys, sidewalks, sewers and street lights within the corporate limits of the City, together with those under joint care with other municipalities;
   (f)   Direct and supervise the operation of the Municipal sewage disposal plant and construct, maintain and operate City sewerage systems;
   (g)   Direct and supervise:
      (1)   The collection and disposal of garbage and rubbish;
      (2)   The cleaning of snow from and ashing of the streets; and
      (3)   The cleaning of streets.
   (h)   Provide for the care, repair and maintenance of all mechanical equipment and motor vehicles owned by the City and operate the Municipal garage;
   (i)   Maintain on-street parking and off-street parking lots and areas;
   (j)   Maintain playgrounds, playfields, recreation centers, skating rinks, parks and such other recreation areas and facilities as may be made available to carry out the City's recreation program; and
   (k)   Perform such other duties as are assigned to him by the Mayor.
(Ord. 5-62. Passed 1-29-62.)