The following rules and regulations for the government of water takers and licensed plumbers are hereby adopted and established:
   A.   The village president, subject to the ratification of the village trustees, shall appoint all the necessary officers and agents for furnishing water and collecting water rates, and the village trustees shall determine the term of office, duties and salaries or compensation of such officers and agents.
   B.   All work done on the streets and contemplated by this chapter must be done under the supervision of the superintendent of public works and subject to his direction and approval.
   C.   The ferrule inserted in the distributing pipes and the service pipe laid shall be of the size specified in the permit and order. The superintendent of public works shall keep a complete record and a profile of the exact location and number and sizes of all taps inserted and the length of service pipe laid, the tapper being hereby required to make immediate returns to the superintendent of such details.
   D.   Application for permits to connect service pipes with any supply pipe must be made to the Superintendent of Public Works.
   E.   Notice must be given to the Superintendent of Public Works by the plumber about to lay down service pipe, fixing the day on which he wishes the ferrule inserted.
   F.   No person except the Village tapper will be permitted to tap the street mains or insert stopcocks or shutoff valves or ferrules therein. All service cocks, valves or ferrules must be inserted at or near the top of the street main, and not in any case nearer than six inches (6") from the bell of the pipe. The size of the cock or valve to be inserted shall be that specified in the permit.
   G.   It shall be the duty of the Superintendent of Public Works to superintend and direct all work connected with the water system and report to the Village Trustees as to the manner in which the plumbers perform their work and the condition in which they find the streets repaired at their first regular meeting after the completion of their work.
   H.   No private hydrant shall be located on the sidewalk or elsewhere beyond the limits of the lot of the party to whom the permit is issued. All persons taking water shall provide their own water meter to be placed or installed under the supervision of the Superintendent of Public Works, and such meters shall be United States standard gallon straight reading, and when such meter is installed, it shall determine the quantity of water taken by the user, who shall pay at the rate set out in chapter 3 of this title. No water will be furnished unless a meter is installed as provided herein.
   I.   The Superintendent of Public Works and his authorized agents shall have free access between seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. and six o'clock (6:00) P.M. to the building in which water pipes are laid and where water meters are placed or contained to examine pipes and fixtures.
   J.   If proprietors of lumberyards, manufactories, halls, stores, hotels or public buildings, regular customers of water from the works, wish to lay large pipes with hydrant and hose couplings, to be used only in case of fire, they will be permitted to connect with the street mains at their own expense, upon application for a permit to the Village Clerk, and under the direction of the Superintendent of Public Works, and will be allowed the use of water for fire purposes only, free of charge.
   K.   The water will not be turned into any house or private service pipe except upon order of the Superintendent, and the plumbers are strictly prohibited from turning the water into any service pipe except upon order and permission of the Superintendent. This rule shall not be construed to prevent any plumber admitting water to test pipes and for that purpose only.
   L.   No private hydrants shall be placed within the limits of any street, and no drinking fountain shall be erected for public use which has openings by which it can be used as a source of domestic supply.
   M.   Pipes shall not be laid at less than four and one-half feet (41/2') below the surface and shall remain uncovered until inspected by the Superintendent of Public Works.
   N.   For a violation of any of these rules and regulations or such others as the Village Trustees may hereafter adopt, the Village Trustees reserve the right to stop the supply of water, without any preliminary notice, nor will it be restored until all back water rent, cost and damage shall be paid, together with the fee set out in subsection 8-3-4C of this title for the expense of turning off the water and turning it on again, and upon satisfactory understanding with the party that no further cause for complaint shall arise. The Village Trustees hereby reserve to themselves the full right, power and authority to cut off the supply of water at any time without incurring any liability or cause any action for damages of any kind, any permit granted or regulations to the contrary notwithstanding. In case of a second violation of the regulations by any person, the Superintendent of Public Works may cause the ferrule to be withdrawn. Should this be done, a charge will be made for reinserting it. (1916 Code § 10-8; amd. 2011 Code)
   O.   It shall be unlawful to use or attempt to use as a water supply any ground water from within the Village of Shannon and the construction, installation or drilling of any wells for the purpose of supplying water within the Village limits is prohibited. This prohibition shall not apply to the Village of Shannon or any well existing prior to the effective date of this subsection.
   P.   It shall be unlawful to extend any pipes or water service to property located within the corporate limits of the Village of Shannon from any property outside the corporate limits of the Village of Shannon.
   Q.   It shall be unlawful for any water customer to supply water to another water customer, or to suffer another water customer to take water off their premises without permission of the Village Board. (Ord. 393, 1-2-2018)