Town Charter
   Sec. 1.   Incorporation
   Sec. 2.   Corporate limits
   Sec. 3.   Mayor and board of commissioners [Aldermen]
   Sec. 4.   Same; election, fees; terms of office
   Sec. 5.   Powers and duties
   Sec. 6.   Secretary of the board
   Sec. 7.   Town Marshal
   Sec. 8.   Power to apply taxes
   Sec. 9.   Violations
   Sec. 10.   Sale of alcoholic beverages
   Sec. 11.   Police; appointment; territorial jurisdiction
Related Local Laws
   Sec. 1.   Session Laws of 1951, Chapter 909
   Sec. 2.   Session Laws of 1959, Chapter 519, as amended
   Sec. 3.   Session Laws of 1961, Chapter 1109
   Sec. 4.   Session Laws of 1961, Chapter 1123
   Sec. 5.   Session Laws of 1965, Chapter 486
Editorial note:
   Any material in brackets has been added by the editors to clarify the meaning of the text.  The editors have added section catchlines to facilitate the use of this compilation and indexing; however, formal citations and references should be to the original act, and not to this compilation.