(a)    As used in this section, "Police Dog" shall mean a dog that has been trained, and may be used, to assist the City's Police officers in the performance of their official duties.
   (b)    Upon the retirement of a City-owned Police Dog, or if a Police Dog is injured in the line of duty, becomes disabled and is unfit for duty, or grows too old to be fit for duty, the City's Police officer handler at the time of the Police Dog's retirement shall have the first chance to purchase the dog for one dollar ($1.00). The officer who purchases a dog under this section shall assume all responsibility for the dog thereafter.
   (c)    If an officer chooses not to purchase a Police Dog as authorized by this Section, the disposition of the dog shall be as determined by the Chief of Police and Finance Director of the City.
   (d)    A City Police officer who leaves the City's canine unit while the Police Dog assigned to the officer is still fit for duty forfeits the right to purchase the animal under this section. (Ord. 19-61. Enacted 6-24-19.)