A.   Applications for a proposed SLID shall include a site plan, preliminary plat and other items required for planned developments pursuant to Section 1213.09.
   B.   Conditional Use Permit Standards. No SLID shall be approved unless the applicant shall establish that the proposed development is based on the criteria in this chapter, the criteria for conditional uses in Section 1213.05 H. and the following standards specific to SLID.
   C.   Additional Standards Specific to SLID.
      1.   Conformity with City Policies and Ordinances. The proposed development shall not injure the use, value and enjoyment of the surrounding property in accordance with the policies of the City, shall be consistent in all respects with the purpose and intent of this Zoning Ordinance, and shall advance the general welfare of its immediate vicinity and of the City as a whole.
      2.   Site Design. The location, configuration, construction, manner and time of operation of off-street parking and loading areas, service areas, circulation systems, entrances, exits, open space, amenities, lighting, or other potentially detrimental influences shall be designed to avoid: (a) adverse effects on residential uses within or adjoining the development, (b) traffic congestion, and (c) hazards to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
      3.   Utilities. The proposed development shall provide for underground installation of service connections and lines (including electricity and telephone). Provisions also shall be made for acceptable design and construction of storm water facilities including grading, gutter, piping, and treatment of turf and maintenance of facilities.
Maintenance of Shared and Common Space. The proposed development shall include provisions for the maintenance of shared and/or common space, including all improvements thereto, as are reasonably necessary to ensure their continuity, maintenance, and operation in accordance with pre-determined standards and to ensure that remedial measures will be available to the City of Shaker Heights if such shared or common space or other improvements are not maintained in a condition consistent with the best interests of the SLID, its immediate vicinity, or the City as a whole. (Ord. 18-25. Enacted 4-23-18.)