A.   Off-street parking shall be located behind the front unit(s).
   B.   Off-street parking spaces shall be provided as required below:
      1.   Each dwelling unit shall be provided a minimum of one and a maximum of two enclosed parking spaces per unit.
      2.   An enclosed parking space may be provided, either attached to the dwelling or detached.
   C.   A detached garage shall be located no closer than 10 feet to a dwelling unit.
   D.   Each garage structure shall be limited to no more than 4 spaces and a maximum floor area of 800 square feet.
   E.   Access to all dwelling units and parking areas shall be provided by a driveway with a minimum width of 8 feet and sufficient space in front of the parking spaces to maneuver.
   F.   Any access that is shared by two or more dwellings shall be governed by a permanent access easement recorded on the subdivision plat, or owned in common by an owners association.
   G.   Address signs for all units are required on the unit.
(Ord. 18-25. Enacted 4-23-18.)