1244.05 USES.
   A.   Residential uses listed as permitted in the base zoning district. In the case of a proposed SLID site located in more than one base zoning district, the use limitations and density of the most intense base zoning district shall prevail.
   B.   Accessory Uses and Structures.
      1.   Accessory uses and structures permitted in the base zoning district.
      2.   Accessory buildings to accommodate congregate / shared / common facilities such as but not limited to dining, laundry, recreation and storage, which shall be in addition to and not in replacement of such facilities in each dwelling unit.
      3.   Shared driveways.
      4.   Garages, attached or detached to one or more dwelling units, pursuant to Section 1262.07, except as otherwise permitted in this Chapter.
   C.   Additional dwelling types may be authorized as part of a SLID, provided that the City Planning Commission finds:
      1.   That the additional dwelling types are desirable and appropriate with respect to the primary purpose and character of the SLID.
      2.   That the additional dwelling types will not create a detrimental influence on the neighborhood, or upon the internal character of any part of or all of the SLID itself. (Ord. 18-25. Enacted 4-23-18.)