As used in this Chapter:
   A.   "Development influence area" means the parcels within 150 linear feet of the boundary of the SLID site along the same side of an existing public street.
   B.   "Dwelling, Courtyard Unit" means a rear unit with its entrance oriented toward a shared courtyard on a SLID site with four or more units.
   C.   "Dwelling, Front Unit" means a dwelling unit located at the front of the Small Lot Infill Development site oriented toward the existing public street.
   D.   "Dwelling, Rear Unit" means a dwelling unit located behind the front unit and either with a narrow frontage on the existing public street (as in a flag lot) or without direct frontage on the existing public street.
   E.   "Lot, Flag" means a parcel of land shaped like a flag, with a narrow strip providing access to a public street and the bulk of the property containing no street frontage.
   F.   "Lot, Small" means a new parcel created as part of a small lot subdivision in accordance with this Chapter.
   G.   "Lot, Small with no street frontage" means a parcel of land that does not share a lot line with a public street right-of-way.
   H.   "Small lot infill development (SLID) site" means the entire area included in the lot consolidation and replat infill development project. Also referred to as "SLID site" or "infill development site."
   I.   "Small lot subdivision" means a lot consolidation and replat of one or more eligible traditional lots into two or more small lots that comply with the requirements of this Chapter.
   J.   "Street Frontage" means the portion of a lot that abuts a public or private street.
   K.   "Traditional lot" means a parcel of record that was recorded in the office of the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office prior to January 1, 2018.
(Ord. 18-25. Enacted 4-23-18.)