1244.01 PURPOSE .
   The purpose of the Small Lot Infill Development (SLID) Overlay District is to foster creative infill housing in a way that ensures neighborhood compatibility, maintains harmony and character of existing residential areas, and ensures residential infill development occurs in an orderly and desirable manner. Additionally, the regulations are intended to:
   A.   Promote neighborhood preservation and enhancement through redevelopment of vacant properties.
   B.   Applies to the planned development and construction of new single family detached and attached units at a similar density to the underlying district and to allow for the subdivision of land to accommodate such units on small lots.
   C.   Spark innovative design in new housing construction.
   D.   Allow flexibility in housing type through reduced lot size, setbacks, street frontage, lot coverage, and vehicle access requirements to facilitate infill development.
   E.   Provide development and design standards and guidelines to promote compatibility between existing and new development and enhance the marketability of the entire block.
   F.   Establish a review process for small lot infill development as a planned development that considers the subdivision of land into small lots simultaneously with the design of the proposed housing on such lots to ensure neighborhood compatibility of the Small Lot Infill Development.
   G.   Encourage transit oriented development.
      (Ord. 18-25. Enacted 4-23-18.)