1253.01 PURPOSE.
   The landscaping and screening requirements specified in this Chapter are intended to foster aesthetically pleasing development which will protect and preserve the appearance, character, health, safety, and welfare of the community. Specifically, these regulations are intended to increase the compatibility of adjacent uses, and, in doing so, minimize the harmful impact of noise, dust and other debris, motor vehicle headlight glare or other artificial light intrusions, and other objectionable activities or impacts conducted or created by an adjoining or nearby use.
   The Tree Preservation regulations are intended to preserve the existing density of trees in the City in order to maintain their positive environmental effects, and their contributions to the street canopies and balance of nature and development that is characteristic of Shaker Heights. The requirements are particularly intended to ensure that developers design and locate projects such that they minimize the removal of existing trees whenever possible and provide for the replacement of any trees that must be removed.