A.   Development proposals that involve at least 1.5 acres or 60,000  square feet of floor area, whichever is less, shall:
      1.   Include a mix of retail, office, residential or civic uses, so that no one use category exceeds 90% of the total floor area of the proposal.
      2.   A minimum of 50% of the linear first floor building frontage along primary streets shall be designed for retail, restaurant, and/or service uses, with a floor to ceiling height of at least 10 feet.
      3.   A minimum of 60% of the street-facing building façade between 2 feet and 8 feet in height shall comprise clear windows that permit views into the interior of the building and/or product display areas. 
      4.   These requirements may be waived for conditional uses based on their location within the CM District.
   B.   All parking structures shall be primarily lined with other permitted uses along the primary street frontage.  (Ord. 13-16.  Passed 5-28-13.)