A.    Front Yard.  The minimum front yard in the TF District shall be regulated by the setback building line established by the zoning map. Where the map is silent, then the setback shall be the average of the setbacks of the closest adjoining lots on the same block.
   B.    Residential Side Yard.  The principal structure of a residence shall have side yard setbacks as follows:
      1.    Driveway Side Yard.  The yard on the driveway side of the main structure shall be no less than ten (10) feet.
      2.    Side Yard Opposite Driveway.  For the side yard which does not contain the driveway, the required minimum setback shall be no less than five (5) feet.
   C.    Non-Residential Side Yard.  Side yards for non-residential uses shall observe the same setbacks as set forth above except where adjacent to a residence use, in which case the minimum setback shall be thirty (30) feet.
   D.    Rear Yard.  Rear yards shall be no less than twenty-five (25) feet.