A.    If the Zoning Administrator finds that any provision of this Zoning Ordinance is being violated, the Administrator shall send a written notice to the person responsible for such violation indicating the nature of the violation, ordering the action necessary to correct the violation, and specifying a reasonable amount of time for the correction of the violation or the performance of any other act required. Additional written notices may be sent at the Administrator’s discretion.
   B.    The Administrator’s notice shall be served upon the owner or the owner’s agent or the occupant, as the case may require, provided that such notice shall be deemed to be properly served upon such owner or agent, or upon such occupant, if a copy thereof: 1) is served personally, or 2) is sent to the last known address, or 3) is posted in a conspicuous place in or about the building, structure or premises affected by the action.
   C.    Notwithstanding the foregoing, in cases when delay would seriously threaten the effective enforcement; of this Zoning Ordinance or pose a danger to the public peace, health, safety, or welfare, the Zoning Administrator may seek enforcement; without prior written notice.