The Zoning Administrator or designee may make inspections of all buildings, structures  and premises located within the City to determine their compliance with the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance.
   A.    Such inspection may take place upon reasonable cause, including but not limited to the observations of the Zoning Administrator or designee information brought to the attention of the Zoning Administrator or designee, or any complaint received by the Zoning Administrator or designee pursuant to Section 1214.02, or if such inspection is undertaken as part of a regular inspection program whereby certain areas of the City are being inspected in their entirety.
   B.    Such inspection shall be made by the Zoning Administrator or his or her designee.
   C.    Any person making such inspection shall furnish to the owner or occupant of the building, structure or premise to be inspected, sufficient identification and information to enable the owner or occupant to determine that the person is a representative of the City and the purpose of the inspection. The Zoning Administrator or his or her designee may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for a search warrant or other legal process for the purpose of securing entry to any premises if the owner or occupant shall refuse to grant entry.