The Shaker Heights Zoning Code adopted by the City of Shaker Heights as ordinance No. 73-151 on November 26, 1973, and as subsequently amended, together with the Zoning Map which is a part of that Zoning Code, is hereby superseded and amended to read as set forth in this Zoning Ordinance. This Zoning Ordinance shall be so interpreted upon all questions of construction relating to tenure of officers and boards established by the previous Code, to questions of conforming and nonconforming uses and structures, and to questions as to the dates upon which such uses or structures become conforming or nonconforming.
   To the extent that this Zoning Ordinance reestablishes a zoning district of the same land use category and with the same district designation and name, this district and its boundaries as indicated on the Zoning Map under the preexisting Zoning Code shall be deemed as continuing until such time as it may be amended pursuant to this Zoning Ordinance.
   To the extent that this Zoning Ordinance establishes a zoning district of the same land use category, but different name from that under the preexisting Code, this new district name shall replace the old zoning district name on the Zoning Map, but shall retain its existing boundaries. A zoning district, which is not reestablished by this Code, is hereby repealed as of the effective date of this Zoning Ordinance.
   Zoning districts established by this Zoning Ordinance shall become effective upon the adoption of such Zoning Map amendments by the City Council as are necessary to give effect to the new districts.